Another Senseless Shooting, Part 2

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Like many of you, I cannot begin to imagine the horror and pain of the parents and families of the children who were slaughtered in Uvalde, Texas exactly one week ago today.  Nor can I comprehend the gross inaction of the police who stood by for too long while some of the children and staff could have been saved.  This senseless mass shooting has added to the feeling of malaise, frustration, and despair that has gripped this country.  We have clearly gone off course.  The question is what to do about it.

For years, citizens have been demanding “Common Sense gun reform.”  But it’s clear that common sense has gone out the window.  The primordial fear of cisgender white men is so pronounced that the slaughter of innocents is the price this society must pay for their “rights.”  They believe that the second amendment is sacrosanct and cannot be touch, but the truth is, all of our constitutional rights have limits on them or have been modified in their application based on the times.  These times demand action and change with regard to the Second Amendment.

We must march, protest, and organize, but most importantly, we must Vote, Vote, Vote!  Some people are single issue voters and for many of them, it was about denying women  reproductive freedom.  And so, they vote for politicians who support their point of view.  They often don’t pay attention to other issues these politicians promote as long as their one issue is supported.

But are the lives of the unborn more important than the lives of the children

who are already here?

Why continue to support politicians that continue to allow this to happen, time and time again?  To those single-issue voters who are concerned about “life,” I ask you, what about the lives of these children?  Don’t they matter?

We cannot sit on the sidelines while all of our public schools become armed camps.  There are organizations who work on this issue, and protests around the country scheduled for Saturday, June 11, 2022.  Find one in your area.  I plan to participate in one here in Raleigh.

Yet if you do nothing else, Vote, Vote, Vote!!!  It is the one great power we have, and we must use it.

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