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Thanksgiving & Social Justice - CRSJ

Thanksgiving and Social Justice

We all know the story of the original Thanksgiving – how European colonizers were on the brink of starving until Native Americans provided them with enough food to make it through the winter and eventually taught them how to farm native crops until they could feed themselves.

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Another Senseless Shooting - CRSJ.org

Another Senseless Shooting

Like many communities around this country, the citizens of Raleigh probably never imagined a seemingly random shooting of innocent civilians would occur in our community, but sadly, it has.

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Shaw U Day of Giving

               I am so delighted to be a part of the Shaw University family.  In the last several months since I have joined Shaw University,

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Shaw University Center for Social and Racial Justice rembering George Floyd

Shaw University Remembers George Floyd

It’s hard to believe that it has been two years since George Floyd tragically passed away at the hands of law enforcement in Minneapolis, Minnesota. In that time, so much has changed and yet, so much has remained the same.

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