Courageous Community Conversations

A Series of Virtual Listening Sessions on Race, Racism, and Social Equity

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Shaw University’s Center for Racial and Social Justice in partnership with the City of Raleigh will lead a series of virtual public listening sessions on race, racism, and social equity throughout 2021.

The goal of the Courageous Conversations listening sessions is to develop a plan to guide changes to current programs and develop new programs—all intended to improve the quality of life for the citizens of Raleigh.

Date/Time EST
Thur. Aug 19
@ 7 p.m.
Discrimination comes in many forms: Race, Gender, Sexual Orientation, Disability
Sat. Aug 28
@ 1 p.m.
Affordable Housing and Education
Thur. Sept. 9
@ 7 p.m.
Access to Transportation and Employment Opportunities
Post Your Questions
Sat. Sept. 18
@ 1 p.m.
Policing and Mental Health
Thurs. Sept. 30
@ 7 p.m.
Affordable Housing
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Engagement Around
Civil and Human Rights

As the founding location for the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee, Shaw has a rich legacy as a social justice leader. This partnership with the City of Raleigh allows Shaw to expand its work and make meaningful impacts for the citizens of Raleigh.

Dr. Paulette Dillard

President, Shaw University

Dr. Dillard - Center for Racial and Social Justice
Mayor Baldwin - Center for Racial and Social Justice

The big goal of our collaboration with the Center for Racial and Social Justice is to develop an actionable plan to build a more equitable community for all of us. We’re very excited about this partnership and the good work to come. We couldn’t have a better partner than Shaw.

Mary Ann Baldwin

Mayor, City of Raleigh

The power of this center is to bring together voices from different perspectives and backgrounds to come up with constructive solutions and a vision on how we can live peacefully.

Dr. Johnny Hill

Dean of the School of Divinity

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Courageous Conversations is our opportunity to address issues here in Raleigh, North Carolina.”

Dr. Valerie Johnson

Dean of Arts, Sciences, and Humanities

The Center for Racial and Social Justice (CRSJ) is effecting meaningful social change by supporting students’ engagement around civil and human rights, spiritual formation, discernment, and social justice. The CRSJ also supports the development of healthy congregations and communities. 

Through lectures, workshops, seminars, certificate programs, forums and advocacy work, the CRSJ offers a space for and supports the development of bold, visionary leadership. The CRSJ is a robust ecology of students, faculty, staff, alumni, community leaders, corporate and private partners to address urgent societal issue related to race and racism, environmental and climate justice, social inequities, health, violence, and broader issues of human differences. 

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